I’ve taken a look at the latest numbers, and I have important advice to share with homebuyers and sellers in the Harrisonburg area. Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 market.


Before we know it, the spring market will be upon us. If you are thinking about buying or selling in 2020, now is the time for us to get together to plan for it, and here’s why:

For home sellers, being early to market is going to give you a win this spring. We do not need to be waiting until late March or April to get your house on the market. That may end up backfiring. There has been a major uptick in new housing starts, and competition for sellers this spring and summer may be stronger than what we have seen all of last year. Right now is the time for us to meet, get eyes on your property, and talk about any preparations it needs before putting it on the market.

If you want to do a small bathroom renovation or get a fresh coat of paint put on before selling, now is the time to be making those arrangements before contractors get too busy. I can provide you with quality insights on what to do to get maximum ROI once I get eyes on your property. 

By the way, your house does not need to be in “show-ready” condition for me to come look at it the first time. I promise I won’t judge you — nobody lives in a home the way it looks on the market.

“It’s never too early to get your financing in order.”

For buyers, I know it seems rough right now and like there is nothing on the market. That’s normal for this time of year. Get ready, though, because that is going to change fast. Now is the time for us to be meeting to plan your process if you are thinking about buying in 2020. Getting together allows us to plan out your timeline and make sure financing is in order.

Timelines are also important. If your lease is up in June, we want to make sure we are actively looking by April to allow enough time to close (30 to 60 days). It’s never too early to start getting financing in order either so you are ready to make an offer when the perfect home hits the market (which could be tomorrow).

Get your taxes done. That refund could be a great jumpstart to your down payment or closing costs. By the way, rates are still historically low. Despite prices being up, affordability has not changed dramatically. Now is the time for us to be meeting to plan out your process.

The bottom line is, no matter whether you’re buying or selling, let’s get together now and start talking about a plan for the fast-approaching spring market. Call/text/email me or hit me up in the comments. I’m here to help. Also, please send this message onward to someone you know who needs to hear it! I love seeing my videos get shared!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!