Before selling your home, make sure you have these six buyer turn-offs under control. Looking out for these will help your home get sold and keep potential buyers engrossed—not grossed out!

1. Moisture damage. 70% of homebuyers are put off by damp patches, moisture patches, and stained ceilings and walls. If you see any of these in your home, just roll on a fresh coat of paint.

2. Bad odor. 56% of homebuyers dislike odor in a home, whether it’s from pets, smoke, or other disagreeable smells. You can combat this with tools such as oil diffusers, candles, baked cookies, or even some simple Febreze.

3. Dull light. 54% of homebuyers reported that dull light is unattractive. Make sure burned-out bulbs are replaced, curtains and blinds are open, and you do anything else you can to avoid dullness. You want to frame your house in the best light possible!

“These are some important things to be aware of and consider.”

4. Cluttered rooms. 15% of buyers are disappointed by a cluttered room. The solution is simple: Clean up. It makes the house feel larger and removes distraction, helping the buyer feel they can make it their own.

5. Over-the-top decor. 14% report this as unappealing. While a certain style may work for you, you want buyers to see a house full of possibilities. Taking away the more outrageous decorations can help the imaginations of potential buyers run wild.

6. Outdated bathrooms. 25% of buyers disliked an out-of-date bathroom. Styles change, and what was popular in the ‘70s is not so much anymore. It can be to your advantage to remodel old-fashioned bathrooms and bring them forward to the modern day.

These are some important things to be aware of and consider, as they can make a huge difference in whether your home is sold or not. If you have questions or need further information, please feel free to reach out to me. I look forward to helping you.